Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where I'm From Poem

In one of my classes this week we opened it up by having each student write a poem describing where they came from and talking about what made them who they are today. Here is the one I wrote:

Where I’m From

I am from Kelly and Greg.
From New Jersey and the Universe, mixed
And spilled with particles from nature.
I am from the Bible and the Bottle, weaving
And shifting between two mindsets, two different ways of life.
Developed around the parks and the between the pages,
Because there is no better example than those before us.
I am From Luther and Little, because even though
We should encourage peace, I know my path and I will not be denied.
I am from the books that preserve our past, dark and dusty until opened pulling
me cultures, ideas and centuries away.
From Washington and Garvey,
who said to follow your heart and lay each brick with care.
Derived From Jackson and Jefferson,
Who taught us to lead with our minds but guide it with our hearts.
Pulled from every story and show we’ve ever seen,
Because the TV screen was our teacher.
I am from every mind before my time,
Because before now I was just a fantasy.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Website for updates

As I prepare to release my sophomore novel 'Sticks, Stone and a Broken Heart,' I have put all my information in one place on my new website. I hope you all check it out and let me know what you think! A lot of new moves are under way and I will do my best to keep everyone posted!

Thank you!
Kevon Brown

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's 2012...and Patience is still a virtue

I have to say I am very impressed how far we have come in the last decade technologically. Faster computers, impressive phones, more and more methods of communication with each passing year are created. Yes we have taken leaps and bounds from those computers that needed a whole room for space to now. But one thing I am noticing that we are struggling with is patience. Yes....patience. Like I bet right now you want me to get to the point and tell you what I am talking would've actually rather me not even open with an intro and just get to the fact some bullet points would've made your life a whole lot easier.....most of you are probably leaving the page right now...

Here in the United States we have a lot of sharks, people with the mindset of producing and producing fast. The faster you produce the better off you are, the faster you produce the faster you get profits, and that is all that's important right? Well this mindset is starting to spill into other areas, ares where it does not fit at all. Everyone wants to see results RIGHT NOW, we don't want to wait for anything anymore. Don't know what I mean? Check this out:

In pro sports, fans are screaming for a winning team. Coaches are getting fired left and right, players are demanding trades, owners are moving teams, hell we even got players coming together to make 'super teams.'

In relationships, we are all falling in love in two days and breaking up a week later. We want to get married in a month just to divorce several months later. In reality most of us don't know what we want because we don't even know ourselves and the sooner we admit that the sooner we can actually move forward (even though I have a theory that none of us know what we want until we see it, so this is all irrelevant to me). Hell, some of us are just saying screw the relationships and are just living the good life jumping from bed to bed, hey why wait right?

In the entertainment industry, we are just putting sorry to say it but Bullsh@t out there just to sell. Of course this is a result of corporate America jumping into the arts just trying to make a dollar (yes I considered music art before they took it over) Now we got songs with no depth, no thought at all and it's trashing our little brother and sisters brains. Don't get me wrong a few of these songs here and there is not an issue, but what we listen to is what we become. We listen to music more then anything else in our lives. So just like your friends, you are what you listen to. All the people my age and up aren't going back in our music libraries listening to 70s, 80s and 90s music for nothing.

These are just a few examples that are easy to see, but if you look hard enough for yourself you will see this all around you. We have become the right now nation, everything has to happen now or it's almost like what's the point? I have caught myself in this mindset several times in my writing and I've had to relax myself and remind myself it will come when it's ready ('Sticks, Stones And A Broken Heart'-Fall 2012). But just remember, anything that is worth having is worth waiting for. A lot of these things involved in the business world we can't control but in our lives we can control the foundations we lay. The relationships we build. The love we choose understanding that if you care about that person you will be patient. Just because everything else is faster doesn't mean human nature will be as well.

I guess they call us the microwave generation for a reason.

Thank you,
Kevon Brown

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top Ten King of Pop Songs with Heart

Doing my part to celebrate what would've been Michael Jackson's 54th birthday, I've decided to make a top ten song list. But not any list. Let's face it, making a top ten MJ song list is nearly impossible. There are so many great songs to choose from you would drive yourself crazy. So I figured I do it a little differently. I've always let it be known that MJ is one of my biggest inspirations, and it was his hard work and how he poured his heart into everything he did. In my journey so far as a novelist this is what I have tried to do. I just don't see the point in souless writing, I want my audience to feel what my characters and sometimes I felt. So I decided to create the top ten MJ songs from the heart, the ones that have inspired me the most and I know others as well. Honestly the order isn't that important because all these songs have pulled alot of different triggers helping me with my writing.

10-Whatever Happens
9-Heal The World
8-Will You Be There
7-We've Had Enough
6-Human Nature
5-Leave Me Alone
4-Man In The Mirror
3-Earth Song
2-Who Is It
1-They Don't Care About Us

I would love to hear what you guys think! So comment, let me know what songs you think should've been on the list, was a song too high, too low? Like I said I did it based on what songs inspired me and then in order by my favorites. Some of these songs aren't well known MJ songs so some people will be surprised to see them on this list. It's all to celebrate a special day in one of my inspirations lives.

Thank you,
Kevon Brown

Monday, August 27, 2012

HERO-The Manipulated Perception

Last year with a ton of ideas and concepts floating around in my head, I pulled it all together and published my first novel HERO. I got a lot great reviews and encouragement and still do as my audience continues to grow. My passion to string knowledge and entertainment together into story has taken over as I look forward to publishing my second novel 'Sticks, Stones And A Broken Heart' in the fall. I have a lot of future novels and plans to take this to the next level and I wont stop until I do. It's not a matter of if with me its when. This past year I had my nose in just about any book that I thought would help me improve my writing, helping me find a flow in my storytelling that I thought was best for me. There are a lot of stories out there that I believe need to be told, and I'm going to write them. To follow me on my journey, check out some of the links below that will help you stay updated with any updates and of course when SS&BH is going to come out.

Thank you,
Kevon Brown
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HERO-The Manipulated Perception
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Sticks, Stones And A Broken Heart
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Just Another Quick Thought

Nowadays everyone is sitting in thier corners in the fetal position. We're all afraid to take risks, we don't want to be seen as weak or be looked down at by everyone else. We don't want to be hurt. So we play it safe. But what we don't understand is this is not living at all, you might as well be a stick floating in water. Are we all really willing to stand in a line and watch life go by? I think I'll pass on that one. We all go through too much just to play this thing safe, best believe I'm getting everything I came for. And if we fall and you call us weak and abuse us for trying, its only because you hate that we had the heart to live. Because that's what it means to be ALIVE.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Curse

Let me ask yall often do you see Whites and Hispanics verbally tearing each other down? How often do you see Chinese and white teenage kids tearing down dreams amongst each other before they even have a chance to start? This is why we have so many bitter blacks, some of you are tearing each others dreams down from the start and life didnt even start implementing outside obstacles yet. Most of them are angry because they didn't have the courage to stick with their own so now they believe the world is cold. But what nobody was there to tell them was it's all in your head, you are what you think you are. But really though think about it race aside, how do you expect anyone to be successful around all that negative energy? It's a mental battle alone trying to instill confidence in yourself on a day to day basis when all you have is doubt. For someone to instill doubt is not only wrong, its a curse. Just something to think about.