Friday, August 17, 2012

The Curse

Let me ask yall often do you see Whites and Hispanics verbally tearing each other down? How often do you see Chinese and white teenage kids tearing down dreams amongst each other before they even have a chance to start? This is why we have so many bitter blacks, some of you are tearing each others dreams down from the start and life didnt even start implementing outside obstacles yet. Most of them are angry because they didn't have the courage to stick with their own so now they believe the world is cold. But what nobody was there to tell them was it's all in your head, you are what you think you are. But really though think about it race aside, how do you expect anyone to be successful around all that negative energy? It's a mental battle alone trying to instill confidence in yourself on a day to day basis when all you have is doubt. For someone to instill doubt is not only wrong, its a curse. Just something to think about. 

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  1. This is why one needs to..."DOUBT THEIR DOUBT." My spiritual mentor, CInnamon Lofton writes "Doubting your doubt is a turning point." You may want to check her out on You Tube. Her book is 'Here, Now.' She is the closest thing to LOVE I have ever known and is a FREE servant of love. Her husband who passed away was a black man and I have a feeling she may help you with your journey if your heart says, "YES". This is so amazing that I was willing to write to you ,AND I am a servant to my heart's whisper.