Monday, August 27, 2012

HERO-The Manipulated Perception

Last year with a ton of ideas and concepts floating around in my head, I pulled it all together and published my first novel HERO. I got a lot great reviews and encouragement and still do as my audience continues to grow. My passion to string knowledge and entertainment together into story has taken over as I look forward to publishing my second novel 'Sticks, Stones And A Broken Heart' in the fall. I have a lot of future novels and plans to take this to the next level and I wont stop until I do. It's not a matter of if with me its when. This past year I had my nose in just about any book that I thought would help me improve my writing, helping me find a flow in my storytelling that I thought was best for me. There are a lot of stories out there that I believe need to be told, and I'm going to write them. To follow me on my journey, check out some of the links below that will help you stay updated with any updates and of course when SS&BH is going to come out.

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HERO-The Manipulated Perception
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Kevon Brown Breaks down HERO

HERO-Video Trailer 1

HERO-Video Trailer 2

HERO-Video Trailer 3

Kevon Brown's first Interview with WRNU

Interview with 7th Level

Sticks, Stones And A Broken Heart
Coming Fall 2012!
First Book Trailer Coming Soon!

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