Sunday, April 3, 2011

Distractions...Distractions...Focusing in the 21st Century

Anyone that is like me, in college always on the move busy understands that your time is very precious, and anyone whos anal like me wasting time will change your mood really quick. Once upon a time managing your time and doing what you needed to do had a few distractions, but it wasnt hard to push these things aside. You didnt need to take time to discipline yourself on how to move the bs out of the way and get stuff done. Well thats not the case in 2011, where the internet has found a way to be another factor along with, television, videogames, and cellphones. I find it funny but also chilling at times that most of us in our everyday routines are staring at screens more than anything or anyone else. Besides our usual circle of friends we see everyday most of us talk to friends and family using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Theres nothing wrong with this, as it expands our world and helps us keep in touch with others. But at some point this went over the line from being a luxory to being a problem. I cant tell you how many times Ive logged in on Facebook and was just looking at stuff playing games messing around doing nothing, and I look at the clock, and about three hours has went by! That is about the most frustrating thing to me knowing I just wasted time doing nothing. In todays world we have to be even more focused then ever if you wanna get something done,learning to balance business and play has become an art in its own right.

Once again Im not saying that Facebook and twitter are bad at all, the leaps and bounds we have made in technology are unbelivable. I feel like with this new technology we have not learned to adjust to it and be able to move on getting work done in our everyday lives. The bottom line is we must remember that the long term is much more important than the short term, dont let checking your Facebook go from a five minute blink to a two hour operation! Now in honor of me writing this I cut it short so you wouldnt be reading for days. Now get off of this computer and get some work done because I guarantee most of you are supposed to be doing something right now (I know I am!)!