Thursday, May 24, 2012

Switching Gears: Welcome to the Wild Side!

Even with everything I have going on, alot of different things always seem to catch my attention. For the last week or so between social networks, talking and texting some friends the subject of relationships has popped up. Of course everyone has thier own opinion, everyone looks at this from different angles (which I always love hearing). But when I break down everything and look at it all together I see for the most part two sides; traditional and what I like to call the Wild side.
We all know traditional, you date, you save yourself waiting  for the one (whens the last time you heard that?) and you get married and spend the rest of your life with that person. Compared to what weve seen evolve coming into the 21st century this is classified as conservative, this is the simple way to do things, in my mind anyway. Now we could get into finding "the one" (in my mind theres no such thing as "the one"-discuss another time), being mature enough to actually marry, soiling your royal oats, getting pregnant, doing right by your children, blah blah blah. But thats not why Im writing this today.

Then theres the wild side, most of my friends live here (as do most people in thier early-mid 20s). If  I know one thing about my generation I can truly say this, we love to party! Thanks to pop culture and its "party everyday, smoke weed, SEX SEX SEX, and YOLO approach, most people have been sucked up into this way of life. Its the fast track, constant change, always "on one", Ima do me, SPEND SPEND SPEND, I think you get the idea. Basicly we have a bunch of manipulative predators running around(male AND female, no doubt about it!). Of course this mentality spills into the way relationships are designed creating confusion and "mind games" as I like to call them that we all play everyday.

You can look around you, youll see it everywhere, whether its a young couple arguing over one of them having crazy pics on Facebook from last nights party, or dudes disrespecting women because they saw someone in a video doing it so now its cool. These two mentalities are clashing everyday. People are switching sides everyday. You know the saying "once you turn a good girl bad, shes gone forever." No doubt thanks to our influences, cultures, surroundings and friends we are all manipulated in some way, lets get that out of the way right now whether by choice or we just dont know but we are. But when you choose this life there are a few things that we must understand.

The longer you stay on the wild side, knocking shots back every chance you get dancing in the club, the harder it will be to actually have a stable relationship in the long run. Thank about it, its a clash between two different mentalities EVERYDAY happening in just about all of us. We all were brought up in some way in the traditional manner. But in this life theres the rush, the blurry nights, the freedom. You go out every night and you have no clue whats ahead of you, thats the beauty of it. For some of my friends, your in bed with a different female constantly, always a new story, always a new face. Who wouldnt like that?

But thats the fun part, the sad thing is alot of us dont learn to slow down. Its like a drug. To have a life sitting next to the same person everyday sounds like death to some of us. More and more of us are getting married later, looking at our friends crazy when they decide to get married in the mid 20s. How do you go from switching faces weekly to laying with the same one every night?

Now the even harder part is when you have two people on different wavelengths. This can only end bad for somebody. Someone feels locked down and the other one cant understand why he/she is not good enough for their partner to slow down. Bottom line is; Traditionial+Wild=somebody is getting hurt. I see this all the time and someone always gets hurt. One of them care enough to try in the beginning but like I say all the time you are what you are. Very rarely can somebody change to that degree (just because we see it in the movies all the time doesnt mean it happens that frequently).

All I say is choose wisely. Before you take that step to the Wild side remember that the deeper you go the harder it is to come down and live a traditional life. I mean unless your both wild (rarely see stablility here either) then go ahead and knock yourself out.

And for all my traditional ladies and gentlemen out there, there are some good sheep out there. But dont go to the club looking for them, thats where all the wild things are.