Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where I'm From Poem

In one of my classes this week we opened it up by having each student write a poem describing where they came from and talking about what made them who they are today. Here is the one I wrote:

Where I’m From

I am from Kelly and Greg.
From New Jersey and the Universe, mixed
And spilled with particles from nature.
I am from the Bible and the Bottle, weaving
And shifting between two mindsets, two different ways of life.
Developed around the parks and the between the pages,
Because there is no better example than those before us.
I am From Luther and Little, because even though
We should encourage peace, I know my path and I will not be denied.
I am from the books that preserve our past, dark and dusty until opened pulling
me cultures, ideas and centuries away.
From Washington and Garvey,
who said to follow your heart and lay each brick with care.
Derived From Jackson and Jefferson,
Who taught us to lead with our minds but guide it with our hearts.
Pulled from every story and show we’ve ever seen,
Because the TV screen was our teacher.
I am from every mind before my time,
Because before now I was just a fantasy.

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