Friday, September 2, 2011

The stuff you dont wanna hear: The Psyche of Western Civilization Culture

For some reason Ive been hearing over and over again that one Im radical and two that Im "different." At first I was upset by these remarks but the more I thought about it the more I stick my chest out even to this day. I did alot of observing this summer (more then I usually do) and more and more Im starting to realize the sad truth; most of us as Americans are psychologically trapped. Were trapped in a place where by design we dont think for ourselves we just follow and emulate what we see. And on the forefront of this machine are our main forms of entertainment; music and television. With alot of us having a household of only one parent (if that many), were left alone to find our own way. Just think about it, how many of us grew up sitting in front of the television watching Sesame street and Reading Rainbow? In this situation, we were left to find someone to follow, almost setting a blueprint to the rest of our lives. Obvously shows like Sesame Street taught us the simple things like words and numbers, but as we got older we needed more answers. In our teenage years people like Jay-Z and 50cent became almost big brothers to us through the TV. I seen my friends model thierselves after them, walking thier walk, talking thier slang, almost becoming them in a sense. We see thier success and the people who envy to be them and we take them as a blueprint to growing up to be successful. This is one of the major reasons I fear for our next generation, with many of them growing up without a father figure or any good example that will teach them to think for themselves were gonna see alot of people wanting to be like the likes of Souja Boy and Kim Kardashian...imagine that! The truth about this whole machine is that we are the drivers of this culture box we call America where fads and stars come and go but the fans will always be there looking for an example they can relate to.

Just think about this: we work day in and day out to the bone in the night hours slavin'! Most of us at my age arent in our careers yet so we not makin no more then $15 an hour at some job we most likely dont like. We work 40+ hour weeks dealing with angry bosses, testy customers and even some annoying co workers. Year in and year out you work, working dreaming of a better life. You get your paycheck every few weeks or so and what do you do with it? You go buy the newest $150 Jordans, the $300 purses, the $400 cellphones, even the $50 shirt that you might wear once. You spend a whole paycheck or months paying off credit card debts because of what? All to impress each other, meaning your boys, your family, or more then anyone else the opposite sex. We do all this to either cover up our own insecurities about ourselves or to try to stand out among the everyone else. So we work day in and day out to the bone on 8 hour shifts to buy stuff from people who not only know nothing about our lives and our struggles but dont care about nothing else but how much money you have. Our willingness to sell out our own inner self so we can fit in with the rest of the world is not only sad, but its unbelivable that its gone on for this long. And people dont understand why people are so depressed and afraid to open up to the outside world, people are tired of being judged because they dont have the newest Jordans.

This note wont change anything. People will continue to spend all thier hard earned money on stuff they dont really need only making the rich richer in the process but its at least my job to help you understand what your doing in the process. I know people hate reading so if you do anything check out this video an old  friend showed me a while back that I found VERY interesting. Remember, Im not here to make you hate the new proda bags or those $400 phones we all love to buy Im just here to make you think.

**Just be yourself!! if people dont like you for who you are then your in the wrong group, dont waste your entire life being miserable and being something your not!!

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  1. Very insightful!

  2. This was a very well written blog. Very impressive and full of information. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  3. Sorry for bad English (Google translator is not perfect). You think and write as the elected people. Missionary - is just a call, rather than milking the pockets, you're right. We must think more and work on his own soul. Another meaning in life. You'll see it later when disappointed in music and in its relations with the woman (if it is not perfect :-))