Friday, September 2, 2011

Its the falling in Love.... Part 1

Its spring, wouldnt know that from the weather but its that time of year we all love. The tempature starts rising back up and everyone is starting to come out of hiding. That time of year where you just wanna chill outside for just a little bit longer just to see if you see some new beautiful faces walking around the corner on campus. Of course with spring comes breaking and building of relationships left and right, everyone is working out getting ready for the summer when the "games" begin. Dont act like you dont know what Im talking about we all at one point were the victim or heartless lover who took an axe to someones heart.

Talking to some people and even just over the years Im starting to see that people are afraid to fall in love anymore. Weve all fallen into a cycle where we dont give people our "whole heart" and at that we pull on several strings at a time just to play it safe. Thanks to popular culture, lust has become the new love in America, in a country where the divorce rate is sitting at a coin flipping 50%. Everyone getting married is looking for that "hollywood romance" relationship where at the end everything is just perfect and romantic. The day men and women wake up and realize it will never be like that will be the day we save some serious time, hollywood has put it in our minds that a perfect marriage has a happy ending.

On the dating side of things, its not that nobody wants to be faithful, its just that everyone is afriad to, a domino effect has started and everyone is just falling in line with it pressing the safe button keeping thier options "open." And those poor ladies and gentlemen who do fall in love and give thier heart to someone (the ones who didnt get the "options open memo) end up getting drop like a sack of potatoes. Some of these people will be resilient and get back up and try again, while most of the other will fall in line and follow the cowardly method we have going on right now. 

For those people who have actually been in this place we call love its something you will always remember. Its a world where your mind has no say over anything, your heart and whoever your with runs the show. You can go ahead and say it, your love drunk, stupid, whatever your friends who dont understand call it. But its like having a massage for the first time; it felt like heaven, every once in a while it creeps back up on you again to make you smile, and you always want more. I dare someone to say love is stupid or it isnt real, those people either have never been in love, or just have been hurt so many times that they refuse to let anyone in anymore. 

I just got one question for you, when your 50+ years old alone with your pet cause you didnt wanna risk giving your heart to someone, whos fault is it then?


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  1. Please excuse the spring comment as I wrote this in April I was just finally able to put it up on this site.