Friday, September 2, 2011

Its the falling in Love.... Part 2

Theres a battle that has been going on way before any of us were even born, and to this day its all around us, a mental tug of war that to be honest will never be won. The moment you were born and they said boy or girl is when you chose sides (with some exceptions), many of us being culurally raised to fight mentally or sometimes physically against the opposite sex. This would be the battle of the sexes, yes many men are wondering why Im about to do this to myself but its my job to talk about the things that nobody wants to talk about. 

In this tug of war we play, there are alot of mind games involved. There are alot of arguments, and hearts being broken some broken to never be fixed. In my observation Im seeing that there is alot of bridge building going on, meaning people are not cleaning the skeletons out of thier closets. There are some people who are still mad about things that happened years ago and to this day they are taking it out on thier partner, or even worse a whole other person they are dating at the time. The day we understand and learn why we must let things go is gonna be a huge step for all of us. Nobody can ever have a healthy relationship when their carrying baggage into it from the start, that is unfair to the person your with and even more very troubling for yourself. The problem is pride, nobody wants to look weak in front of a woman or vise versa because we always feel like were gonna get taken advatage of, its a giant circle of broken hearts, broken trust, and misunderstanding.

Just like humanity in general, I believe until somebody is willing to put thier pride away and show some compassion trying to right the wrongs we have done we will never break this circle. Nobody wants to show emotion anymore, were all so mute and believe we must keep our armor clean. Showing emotion and being wanted is part of being human, so in not doing these things were not being human! Everybody wants to be excepted, if you say you dont youve just been hurt so many times that youve locked yourself away not letting anyone in, and thats how you end up alone and depressed. 

Love is just a place where these issues are the most obvious, people dont understand why people are committing suicide and going around killing people like animals. America's culture which is a "me first" independent mindset has us all pulling a "every man/woman for themselves" mentality everytime any kind of pain is brought upon us. Alot of us are alone, but what makes it worse is our pride has broken in and wont allow us to admit this. 

My question is when there comes a time where were all gonna need each other (and there will be) how are we gonna respond? Are we gonna let our pride get in the way and not do anything? As the days go by and I hear people giving up on other people this seems to be the inevitable answer for us. 

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