Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strength In Numbers; The Power Of Black America

One thing I really can't stand is a person with excuses. I know people who will make every single excuse in the book to explain why they can't do something, why they cant go somewhere. Almost every single person that is making an excuse is just plain wrong and lazy. A thing I can't stand even more is when a black man makes an excuse, saying "the white man is holding us down, they wont give me a job." I can almost guaranteed that the person that said that to you probably messed up somewhere down the line and expects someone to just hand something over to them. As messed up as this country is, I believe that everyone has a chance to be successful somehow, its just a matter of HOW BAD YOU WANT IT. I've heard stories of blacks pulling themselves out of the ghetto and climbing out to be successful no matter what the circumstances, they didn't care what they had to do, they refused to live that lifestyle anymore.The ones I love even more then those lazy excuse makers are the ones that say " the black man has no place in America, we have no say in the government." Anyone who is dumb enough to believe that really needs to sit down and read what I have to say. 

In the 2008 election, 16.1 million African Americans voted for our next president of the United States. The voter turnout rate for ages 18-24 was at 55%, the biggest turnout rate for this age group. Now this is the interesting part of this to me, Barack Obama won the election 69.5 million votes to John McCain's 59.9 million. Whites definetly do dominate the numbers game being 75% of the United States Population, but being that they split down almost to the middle besides some swing voters (the lost ones) they actually almost cancel themselves out. This leaves the minorities to sort out the results in the election. And who is the second biggest race group in the United States? Africans Americans take that place holding 12.5 percent of the population. Obviously people under 18 can't vote but to put it in perspective a little bit Ill have you look at it like this; lets say 5 million of the blacks that voted for Obama decided to vote for McCain instead, thats only less than a third of the blacks that went out to the polls, McCain would've won the election. What am I saying? If we as a race could come together and figure out what we wanted and needed we could decided who's in the White House calling the shots. The interesting thing about this is only 55% of people from 18-24 who could've voted went out and did! So next time someone says to you that we don't have a say in the government and that the white man is holding them down, ask them did they vote in the last election, and if they didn't tell them to shut up because they had a chance to have thier say but they didn't take advantage of it. 

Black people we need to understand that its not the 60's or 70's anymore, were really coming up as a race and fast. To prove this, let me show you a few facts I came across while doing some research:

-In the fall of 2008, there were roughly 2.5 million black college students, this is roughly double the number from 25 years ago.

-Among blacks 25 and older, 1.5 million have an advanced degree (masters, doctorates) compared to 900,000 in 1999.

-In 2007, reciepts for black owned businesses totaled up to 137.4 billion dollars, up 55.1% in 2002.

If you wanna look at the website yourself its here:

The day that black people understand the power and say we have in American is the day that things will get brighter for us, I can guarantee that. I'm not trying to make you hate Republicans or love Democrats, I'm trying to make you think. I want no more complaining from my people, we control our destiny if we get out and stand up for ourselves.

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